The text of Penthos



Give to the fallen your peace, O Lord.

May they never again lie forsaken.

Give peace to all the departed, merciful God.


Let us shun the bleakness of human error,

And pass into the light of your countenance,

May we find solace in your peace.


Dark shadows oppress our earthly life,

but your love and peace kindle hope,

turning darkness into light.


Night sheds its black shroud; morning star

pierces the veil, bringing hope’s bright dawn.




All-powerful Lord, have pity on Rachel crying for her children.

O Rabbunai, show mercy; dry the tears of your grieving disciples.

Anointed one, draw us toward you; let us find healing in your compassion.


Graduale and Tractus

The sinful woman’s eye of faith


saw your divinity hidden in your humanity;

In washing your feet, she is washed.

By means of a woman who could be seen,

your hidden powers were revealed.

Show us your holy light; show us the way to healing.

Much is forgiven her because she sinned greatly;

she approached the physician of souls

that her sullied self

might be cleansed by your purity.

Her penitence and God’s mercy

replaced the stench of sin

with the odour of sanctity:

the sinful woman’s darkness

was rendered bright and limpid.

Show us your holy light; show us the way to healing.


Dies Irae


Light after grief’s endless night;

nights lost in fearful weeping

tears for the sullying of sin,

sin which demanded judgment,

judgment tempered with mercy;

merciful Son’s compassion,

compassion arousing hope,

hope that might pierce the shadows

shading the heart’s full darkness.

Darkness thins into shadow;

shadow-selves reach out for hope,

hope in Jesu’s compassion.

compassionate His mercy,

mercy displacing judgment,

judgment for all Adam’s sins,

sins that caused Jesus to weep

tears in the garden at night,

nights now eternally light.



In bondage to sin

we cry out for deliv’rance;

unbind what was bound.



Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of hosts,

Holy and Mighty;

Holy and immortal;

Holy and divine;

Holy and Omnipotent;

Holy and strong;

Heav’n and Earth are full of your glory.

Hosanna in the highest.



Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.

Blessed are all who come in peace;

Blessed is He who was sent in God’s name.



Agnus Dei


Abraham offered Isaac,

(wood for burnt offering);

God sent forth his only Son,

(wood for the crucifix);

the ram caught in the thicket,

the holy Lamb of God;

propitiation for sin,

all the sins of the world;

grant them eternal rest, Lord,

grant them eternal rest.


 Lux Aeterna

Light of the world, shine on them;

grant them rest eternally,

the girl who sat at your feet,

the one who anointed you,

whose remorse you accepted;

who thought you were the gardener;

they all chose the better part,

seeing you as Messiah.

Radiance, refulgence, shine,

Light of the World, Redeemer.


Pie Jesu

Merciful, merciful Jesu, merciful, merciful Jesu Christ.

Merciful, merciful Son, merciful, merciful Son of God.

Grant them rest eternal, grant them rest, eternal Lord.

Light unending, shine, Light unending, shine on them.

Light unending, shine, shine, O shine on them evermore.


Libera Me

O Lord, you created me.

The heavens shivered;

dry land erupted from watery chaos.

You placed me on this earth,

entrusted me with your world.


Now, Lord, I quiver fearfully

as I face your judgment

of my errant ways.


The veil of the temple shook and split

when the new Adam gave up his life

to save us from everlasting death.

Yet still we sinned, shunning

the light of your countenance.


Now, Lord, judge me with tenderness,

treat me mercifully on the final day.

Deliver me from darkness.


In Paradisum


Adam lamented, leaving Eden.

Paradise found, his tears are dried.

Shout Alleluia! Shout Alleluia!

In paradise shall all find rest.

Pauper and sinful woman are welcome,

Here they find an end to sorrow.

Sin’s naked frame is clothed in glory;

shining with God’s eternal light.


Comfort is shared with all who suffer.

sinners, restored, are cleansed and healed.

Carry us home on wings of archangels.

Penitents find release from sin.

Shout Alleluia! Shout Alleluia!

We who were captives find our freedom.

Jesus, the second Adam, save us:

lead us to our eternal rest.



Copyright (C) 2018 Hannah Stone